From April 6th - 8th Paris welcomes all music enthused DJs and producers. We are still packing our bags but our analog and digital perfomance machines are already packed tight and ready for take off to France. With the new Beatmix devices (Beatmix 2, Beatmix 4) we present two Serato controllers this year that on the one side look after your wallets but on the other side are not stingy when it comes to their performance abilities. Performance is also the keyword in the analog section. Here traditional techniques, in the form of a classic turntable, are combined with a smart, digital trigger section in order to communicate with your DJ software: The RP-8000 is ready for testing at our booth as well as our new controller flagship Terminal Mix 8.

The very likable DMC champion DJ Fong Fong is going to support us at our booth with his showcases using the RP-8000 anfd RMX-80, as always with a twinkle in his eye.

Moreover, there will also be the thrilling presentation of the Mixmove Award where we are nominated in several categories. Your vote and of course your visit at our booth in Paris are both highly appreciated and welcome.